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Progressive Plus Services feel great pleasure to present Pakistan Goods as a Business Platform in the field of Goods Forwarding and Logistics as well as Industry Sector. We are trying our level best that all the information asked for/collected is implied on Pakistan Basis for the convenience of the public. We want your best cooperation in this respect so that this being the business platform could provide complete data of your requirements. So you may be very kind to provide us your names, contact numbers, profiles and etc. which will be posted in the best interest of all the concerned personnel / firms / concerns and etc. As a logistic company, PROGRESSIVE PLUS SERVICES is also providing door to door services relating to logistic specially for Cash & Carry Store. You are requested to get benefit through the mentioned above services and can also establish a good business relationship with us.

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Pakistan Goods is the Project of Progressive Plus Services A Great Platform For Goods Transport, Forwarding Agencies and Industries of Pakistan

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Office No. 10, 2nd Floor, Noori Plaza, Mali Pura Stop, Bund Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Cell: 0300 889 5736